Parikia VS Naoussa: The ultimate Paros battle you don’t want to miss!

(English) Parikia Paros or Naoussa Paros? Naoussa or Parikia? This is a serious dilemma both locals and tourists have been facing for many years now.

Paros nightlife: What are the best places for unforgettable nights?

(English) If you go to Paros without experiencing Paros nightlife, did you even go to Paros? It’s not a secret that Paros is the perfect destination to…

This is why everybody loves Santa Maria Paros (and you will, too!)

(English) Fact: Santa Maria Paros ticks all the boxes! It’s both cosmopolitan and relaxing, it has crowded and isolated spots, it attracts both beach party and camping lovers.

The best places to eat in Paros – your way to Cycladic yumminess (Infographic)

(English) So, you want some really cool places to eat during your holidays in Paros? We’ve all been there. That’s why we gathered the best restaurants in Paros…

Paros island hopping 101: The best routes for the best holidays EVER

(English) So, what are your plans during your stay in Paros? If Paros island hopping isn’t one of them, think again! Because island hopping…

Windsurfing at Golden beach Paros: Why it will blow your mind

(English) Fact: Golden beach Paros is the place of your dreams, if you are into windsurfing! But, even if you’re not, visiting this beach…

The most amazing things to do in Paros- the perfect starter’s guide to upgrade your holidays

(English) Wondering what the best things to do in Paros are? Have you already booked your stay at a Paros hotel and don’t have a clue what’s next?

Why Lefkes Paros shouldn’t be missing from your bucket list

(English) What if we told you that you’re missing out not having Lefkes Paros in your bucket list? You probably wonder why is that. You might also think…

8+1 reasons why you should visit Antiparos right NOW!

(English) Come on, admit it! You love planning your next holidays, searching itineraries and mind travelling to your dream destinations.

The best Paros beaches you’ll ever need to know

(English) Here’s something we can both agree on: Paros is one of the most popular and loved islands of Cyclades. The vivid nightlife of Naoussa…

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