Why Lefkes Paros shouldn’t be missing from your bucket list

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What if we told you that you’re missing out not having Lefkes Paros in your bucket list?

You probably wonder why is that. You might also think that Parikia and Naoussa are the only highlights in Paros.

Bear with us, though, and you’ll learn everything about this secret mountain village in Paros.

But wait.

What does a mountain village has to do with your summer holidays at a Paros hotel by the beach?

Keep reading and the mystery will be solved!

Get to know Lefkes Paros

view to lefkes paros

Just imagine a little village, perfectly located under a hill. Lush greenery bursting everywhere, along with pine trees. You can hear the sound of the cicadas and, at noon, the crickets.

Already smelling and hearing the nature, right?

Well, Lefkes is hands down the greener village of Paros!

Also, Lefkes Paros is the village with the higher altitude in Paros, built on 15th century. Its first inhabitants were people who moved from Crete to Naoussa Paros. Also, local people, who decided to build their village on the mountain, because of the pirates. It is such an important village that it once was the first capital of Paros.

The traditional Cycladic white houses are, of course, all over the place. Between them, there are narrow streets,not accessed by cars. Can you think of better conditions to stroll around this traditional village?

Marble streets, verdant courtyards with colorful flowers and traditional little shops, complete this magical scenery in a unique way!

The best part?

Fortunately enough, mass tourism hasn’t affected its calm atmosphere. That’s why in Lefkes Paros you can enjoy your most peaceful holidays ever!

Don’t leave Lefkes Paros before visiting these places

lefkes paros white house

Given that Lefkes Paros has such a long history, it has a bunch of things to see, too! It goes without saying that Lefkes offers some amazing Paros sightseeing options!

So, let’s see all the must visit places in Lefkes Paros!

The House of Literature

You might have already guessed it, but this is a place for artistic creation!

What does this mean?

The House of Literature is located at Ramnos street in Lefkes Paros. It hosts writers, translators and lots of other artists. It offers the perfect conditions for them to be inspired and create undisturbed.

Want to learn something interesting?

The House of Literature is actually a guest house. It has 14 rooms, a library, a computer workstation and a study area. Moreover, it is open all year round! Writers and translators can stay there from two weeks to three months.

The bottom line is, accommodation in the House of Literature is free for European citizens. Citizens of non European countries, though, should pay 15 €/day for their stay.

Lefkes Folklore Museum

Leaving Paros without having a folklore taste of the island?

Don’t let this be you!

Luckily, there is Lefkes Folklore Museum in Lefkes Paros, managed by “Iria” Cultural Association.

Wondering what kind of exhibits you’re going to find in this museum?

All things vintage, such as embroidery, weaving, traditional tools and a lot more!

All these things were gathered mostly from donations made by locals.

Trivia: Lefkes Folklore Museum was the first folklore museum ever in Paros.

Agia Triada church

At the end of Ramnos Street, you’ll find Agia Triada church.

And the truth is, this is one of the most beautiful churches of Paros! It was built in 1835 and it is a masterpiece. If you love visiting traditional churches, then this one will amaze you!

It is built with parian marble, by the most talented Parian marble sculptors. Outside, the roof of the church is bi-lined and covered with roof tiles. Its interior,though, is a piece of art! Just imagine marble creations and wall paintings, wonderful samples of 19th century folk hagiography.

Trivia: The Ministry of Culture has declared Agia Trada Church in Paros as a preserved historic monument.

Walk at the central Ramnos Street

lefkes paros center

So, what’s special about this street?

Stick with us and you’ll find out!

Ramnos Street is the central street of Leukes Paros. A walk down this street is an absolute must! This is because, at this very street, you’ll find everything. From neoclassical houses, such as The House of Literature and Lefkes Folklore Museum, to cute touristic shops.

As you continue to walk down Ramnos street, don’t miss to enjoy the stunning view to the eastern shores.

The picturesque central square of Lefkes is the locals' meeting point. They gather every day there to have a coffee and talk!

Trivia: At many of the traditional houses of the area, women still do their laundry in the traditional way!

Join the traditional “Karavola” feast

karavola feast lefkes paros

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to join a traditional Greek island feast.

Well, this is your chance!

“Karavola” feast is organized every summer, on the first Saturday after 15th of August.

But what does “karavola” mean?

“Karavola” is a name for big snails! For the people of Lefkes, this is one of their favorite foods. That’s why, the inhabitants of Lefkes are also called “Karavolades”! Interesting, isn’t it?

“Karavola” feast is one of the biggest traditional feasts of Paros, as well as, one of the most important ones. “Iria” Cultural Association of Lefkes organises this feast since 1983. Together with the many volunteers of the village, the make each year’s feast unique!

The feast takes place at a big open space, organized with tables and chairs, near the pine tree forest. As for the preparations for the feast, they start about a week earlier. Almost every inhabitant takes part at these preparations as a volunteer- from grown ups to little kids!

Wondering what kind of food is served at “Karavola” feast?

The main dish is, of course, the traditional snails, known as “Karavola”, served with mashed garlic and potatoes. But, it gets better! Prepare to enjoy delicious Parian cheese, roasted chickpeas and pork. Of course, there is delicious locally produced wine in abundance!

One thing is for sure.

You’ll have the time of your life!

Follow the Byzantine road

lefkes paros nature

Time for some hiking!

The best hiking route in Lefkes is, hands down, the Byzantine Road. The Byzantine Road starts from Lefkes Paros and ends at Prodromos village.

It has a great history, too.

Many many years ago, pirates were everywhere at the Aegean sea. Lefkes Paros, though, was protected from them, thanks to its location. That’s why many stone paved roads and paths connected Lefkes Paros with the rest of Paros' villages, as well as its ports.

A part of these roads is the Byzantine road! This road was built almost 1000 years ago, during the Byzantine period. It used to be part of a big road network, crossing the whole island of Paros. This big road once connected Parikia with Piso Livadi village.

Back to now!

Nowadays, Byzantine road is perfect for hiking! Just imagine a 1 hour and a half route, passing through the majestic green landscape of the area, leading to Prodromos village.

On your way to Prodromos village, don’t miss to enjoy the scents of sage, thyme and oregano. Once you get there, celebrate the end your hike, eating at one of the village’s traditional taverns!

So, what does all this mean?

Lefkes Paros has all it takes to be your favorite memory of your trip to Paros!

Still thinking about it?

Book your Paros accommodation and thank us later!

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