This is why everybody loves Santa Maria Paros (and you will, too!)

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Fact: Santa Maria Paros ticks all the boxes! It’s both cosmopolitan and relaxing, it has crowded and isolated spots, it attracts both beach party and camping lovers. That’s not something you hear very often, right?

But, one thing is for sure. Santa Maria beach will make you fall even deeper in love with Paros. Once you get there, it’s not hard to guess why this beach is one of the most popular ones in the island.

We know what you think, though! “Yeah, right, but you have to give me some decent reasons to go!” And you’d be absolutely right.

So here’s all you need to know about Santa Maria beach in Paros!

A beach with many faces

santa maria beach paros

Just imagine: Endless golden sand, emerald crystal clear waters, and a beautiful view to the nearby island of Naxos. From morning, to enjoy sunbathing, till evening, to watch the sun sink toward the horizon, Santa Maria beach is an absolute must!

Santa Maria beach (or Santa Maria Surfing beach) is the perfect choice for those who love cosmopolitan beaches. Does your definition of a perfect day on the beach consists of you sipping on a cocktail on your sundeck, or dancing on the music beats of a beach bar? Then, this beach was made for you!

It’s not surprising at all that Santa Maria beach is one of the best Paros beaches. It is fully organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, sports facilities and beach bars...but more on that in a minute!

Another cool thing about this beach is that it’s very long.

What does this mean?

Two things. Firstly, thanks to its length, it forms many sandy coves, each of them being a little beach on its own. Secondly, even when there are many people on the beach, it doesn’t get overcrowded. Perfect, right?

But, even if cocktails, social life and beach parties aren’t your jam, don’t worry! Santa Maria beach got you covered. You only have to go to the east side of the beach, where you’ll find small tranquil coves with clean waters. An alternative, if you want to skip the crowds is Mikri Santa Maria beach (Little Santa Maria beach). You’ll find this peaceful beach before Santa Maria beach, on the left side of the road from Naoussa.

Easy access

santa maria beach

Getting to Santa Maria beach is anything but a big deal!

Located just 2 km away from Naoussa and 15 km away from Parikia, this beach can be easily accessed either by car, public bus, or traditional little boats departing from Naoussa. There is also a parking lot on the beach, so parking your car shouldn’t be a problem!

The beach bar of your dreams

We know, we know! There’s nothing better than a cool beach bar, right?

Santa Maria beach bar is one of the best beach bars of Paros and a reason on its own to visit this beach. This is the place to relax on your lounger, sipping on the beach bar’s yummy cocktails and listening to your favorite songs, played by famous DJs!

And don't even get us started with the snack menu! From yummy acai bowls to nutritious salads and from juicy burgers to delicious baguettes, there’s no way you won’t find the perfect snack for you!

As the sun goes down, apart from the gorgeous sunset, you can also enjoy a fine wine or champagne, chosen from its rich menu!

Tip: Santa Maria beach bar often organises events with famous DJ sets. Make sure you attend one!

Water sports for everyone

paros santa maria beach

It’s not a secret that Paros is famous for one thing in particular: water sports!

Paros is a very popular windsurfing destination and even worldwide (!) windsurfing competitions take place there. Santa Maria beach couldn't be an exception!

At this beach you’ll find water sports schools, as well as all the essential water sports equipment for endless water adventures! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have experience in watersports. From windsurfing to scuba diving and water ski, you’ll have the chance to try many different kinds of water sports.

Accommodation for every taste

santa maria

What kind of accommodation do you prefer? A hotel, camping, bungalows or maybe wooden (!) huts?

You know what? It doesn’t matter, cause in Santa Maria beach you’ll find your own perfect place to stay in Paros.

The best part about staying in Santa Maria is definitely its small distance from Naoussa, as the latter is just 2 km away! You know what this means, right? Long distances are no longer a problem, so you can finally enjoy your most laid back holidays ever!

So, it all adds up to this: Santa Maria Paros is love at first sight!

Don’t you believe us?

Well, Paros is waiting for you to convince you. (And, trust us, there’s no doubt you’ll be convinced!)

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