Parikia VS Naoussa: The ultimate Paros battle you don’t want to miss!

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Parikia Paros or Naoussa Paros? Naoussa or Parikia?

This is a serious dilemma both locals and tourists have been facing for many years now.

Good news are you’re not supposed to face it, too. Cause we’re here to put an end to it. Once and for all.

Let’s be honest here. Undoubtedly, Paros is a beautiful island, known for its endless sandy beaches, water sports activities and vivid nightlife. The heart(s) of the island, though, beats in Parikia and Naoussa, where most of the fun happens.

Which one to chose? What is each of them special for? Keep reading to take part in one of the greatest Greek island battles. Let’s see who’s gonna be the big winner.

Parikia Paros

parikia church

Let us guess.

You’ve probably already heard of Parikia. Maybe you have also been there and have an opinion of your own.

Does this mean this article isn’t for you? Of course it is, so stay with us!

Parikia is the capital of Paros island and also where the island’s port is. And let us get this straight. If you don’t visit Parikia, you haven’t even scratched the surface of Paros!

So what’s so special about this little seaside village?

Being inhabited since prehistoric times and occupied by the Venetians, Parikia boasts a unique Cycladic architecture and some pretty interesting sites. Such sites are the 4th century monastery of Panagia Ekatodapiliani, Agios Konstantinos church, the Archaeological Museum of Paros, the Venetian castle and its trademark windmills.

windmill parikia paros

If you want the real deal, though, the one thing you should do is walking. Yeah, you read that right. As you walk, you’ll come across traditional Cycladic white houses with picturesque courtyards, Venetian mansions and vintage shops that will travel you back in time!

Moving to the center of Parikia, stroll around the cobbled narrow full of shops streets, where you'll find coffee places, bars, restaurants and traditional taverns for every taste.

Searching for a nice place to dine? Then, choose one of the seaside restaurants, where the atmosphere is magical. There, you can enjoy your dinner or cocktail with a lovely view to the Aegean sea. Tip: If you choose a restaurant in Parikia to dine, definitely try their fish and seafood. You can thank us later!

parikia street

As for bars, there are many sophisticated options on the seaside promenade, where you can have your drink with a sea view. If you’re more of a dance club type of person, then you’ll find what you want in Parikia’s “Potami” area, where you’ll have the absolute nightlife experience.

Additional info: When it comes to amenities, Parikia covers all the bases: tourist offices, banks, health center, post office, car rentals and, of course, unlimited Paros accommodation options for every budget!

Naoussa Paros

naoussa port

Naoussa is basically a fishing village turned into a cosmopolitan destination. What can we say? It has the best of both worlds!

Being the second biggest village in Paros, after Parikia, Naoussa has managed to achieve great touristic development during the last years. As for its nightlife, it’s incomparable. But more on that in a minute!

Located on the northern part of the island, Naoussa has one of the most picturesque little ports of the Aegean sea. Having the port as your starting point, stroll around the village’s narrow paved streets, where you can see (and take photos of) the traditional whitewashed Cycladic houses.

Except for strolling around, though, there are more things to do, such as visiting Agios Nikolaos -the protector saint of the sailors- church on the port, the Mycenaean palace and the Venetian castle.

naoussa castle

Both in Naoussa and its nearby villages (Ambelas, Santa Maria, Kamares) there are many accommodation options, from studios to luxurious hotels. What’s more, in a close distance from Naoussa, you’ll find some of the best Paros beaches. To name a few, Kolymbithres, Santa Maria and Monastiri are some great options that can be reached either by car/bus, or by boat!

And now this is our favorite bit: Naoussa nightlife. As the sun goes down, Naoussa becomes vivid! Bars, clubs, cocktail bars, restaurants and taverns will keep you busy all night long!

Do you want to learn something interesting? Today, the warehouses that used to belong to fishermen, have been transformed to fish taverns, cafes and bars, highlighting, this way, the village’s traditional character.

To start with, as a first time visitor, you may have the appetite for some good fish and seafood. Well, Naoussa is one of the best places to have it, as Naoussa’s fish taverns get their fresh fish straight from the local fishermen!

naoussa church

But if you don’t go to Naoussa’s bars, cocktail bars and clubs, did you even go to Naoussa? Both locals and tourists from all over the island come every night to experience Naoussa’s nightlife. It’s safe to say that there is a place for every taste and you won’t be disappointed, as there is a wide selection of options! In "Piso Limanaki" area there are more laid back places to enjoy your cocktail, while in "Potami" area you'll find clubs and dance clubs. No matter what area you choose, one thing is for sure: You'll live some unforgettable nights!

So, what does all this mean? Generally, in Parikia you'll find more sophisticated bars, while Naoussa is the place to party all night. But, you obviously have to visit both villages.

Now that we have presented you the facts, it’s all in your pitch! Plan your trip to Paros and get the chance to decide yourself which one you prefer: Parikia or Naoussa?

We warn you, though: It’ll be hard to decide!

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